100 East 3rd Street
Admire, Kansas 66830



The building, constructed in 1925, was the former home of Admire Elementary School. Closed in the Spring of 2010, the City of Admire gained ownership of the building and grounds. Today, it is the home of the Admire Community Center.

The facility includes numerous Meeting Rooms, a Kitchen, Gymnasium and a Commons area that is perfect for receptions, large gatherings or birthday parties, all available for rent. Tables and chairs are available.

The "USER MENU" below provides the procedure, user fees, user agreement and a general guideline for use of the facility. Click the "Check Availability" button to see a schedule of planned activities.

The Admire City office is now located in Room 300. Please check the "Government" page for current office hours.

The Community Center is now home of the North Lyon County Historical Society and Museum. The museum collections and artifacts may be viewed in Rooms 206 and 207. Check out their webpage at ""

The Admire Community Pride, through the Kansas State University PRIDE Program's Healthy Ecosystems-Healthy Communities (HEHC) program has set up a Nature Room to provide educational activities. The Nature Room is located in Room 304.

The Admire Community Food Pantry, co-sponsored by Admire Community Pride and the Admire Methodist Church operates out of Room 301. Please check the "Community Center" or "Schedule" page for current pantry hours.

In case of severe weather, a storm shelter is available to take cover. The shelter is equipped with a telephone land line which is available to be used for emergency (911) and local calls only. The shelter is located in the old Boy's locker room in the basement below Room 200.

To reserve a room today, please refer to the "CONTACT INFORMATION" below.


Call (620)528-3431 or contact a committee member in person. Community Center Committee members are listed on the Government page of this website.


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